Getting unstuck and jumpstarting your career

by Elise Stevens | Futureproof Your Career Podcast

We all know them: the people who wind up in leadership roles through luck or timing or rising through the ranks, but have limited leadership competencies. But leadership is not just a role or title, it’s a choice. In her latest book, project management consultant Naomi Caietti has combined the advice of 11 project management and leadership experts, including our very own Elise Stevens, to give leaders the confidence and tools to lead successful projects.

Transform Your Leadership: Learn the Secrets to Get Unstuck, Jumpstart Your Career and Begin Your Journey is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn key leadership behaviours and competencies, develop career goals and build the skills to lead great projects. The book can be read as a self-help guide or used as a training resource in a project management office or by HR staff.

In this podcast, Naomi chats to Elise Stevens about her contribution to the book on the subject of coaching and mentoring and why good leaders are crucial to successful projects.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • A project manager may have their PMP credential, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have leadership skills or experience.
  • Many leaders within the project management industry are missing some of the crucial competencies to be successful.
  • As your career grows, your competencies should also grow.
  • Leaders must be able to engage the team and build an environment where everyone wants to contribute.
  • Anyone in an organisation charged with influencing, sponsoring or leading a project needs to consider if they have the whole suite of leadership competencies.
  • Great leaders get results through others and shape new leaders in the process.

About Naomi Caietti:

Naomi Caietti is a project management consultant, speaker, blogger and author. As the founder and director of Naomi Caietti Consulting, Naomi offers virtual coaching services, helping project managers realise business value for their organisations through leadership, management and social media. She is a key expert on talent, change and career development for and the co-author of Finding Your Voice: The Assertive & Empowered Woman.

You can connect with Naomi on LinkedIn.