Perfecting stakeholder engagement in professional services firms

Podcast: Perfecting stakeholder engagement in professional services firms

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast: Perfecting stakeholder engagement in professional services firms

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How professional services firms can perfect stakeholder engagement 

Perfecting stakeholder engagement in professional services firms-Loretta-Bayliss

Loretta Bayliss is the CEO of Prescience Technology, an Australian-based technology consultancy and solutions provider.

Prescience Technology combines Oracle and Primavera expertise with disciplined project management techniques and change and learning strategies.

In this podcast, Loretta speaks with Elise Stevens about how project managers who work with professional services firms should engage with their customers and stakeholders. Loretta is an internationally experienced IT executive, recognised for achieving high-value project-focused business and technology solutions with a frank and forthright approach.

She has a proven ability for managing energised, focused and highly performing teams in challenging project environments.

Points raised in this podcast

  • Project managers in professional services firms should bring a level of detachment from their previous personal and professional experiences into each new stakeholder engagement.
  • It doesn’t matter how experienced you become as a project manager, people will always be the variable that keeps you on your toes.
  • Project managers in professional services firms often have to communicate with stakeholders about the impact of the project at both the macro level and the micro level. Internal project managers, however, often have to wear only one hat.
  • The ability to disseminate knowledge and communicate clearly and effectively is crucial.
  • Project managers must contextualise each stakeholder relationship to its environment, rather than approach all relationships in the same way.
  • Less mature professional services project managers are at risk of applying the wrong context to a conversation, by relying on previous stakeholder experiences and environments.
  • The communication style used will not only depend on the maturity and experience of the person giving the information – but also that of the person receiving the information.
  • Even the smallest projects can have challenging stakeholders.
  • Maintaining personal honesty and integrity is vital.
  • Bad news should be delivered early and honestly. There is usually a way to manage it, but without the help of the project sponsor, trying to fix a problem alone can be challenging and damaging.
  • A little bit of humour and fun should be injected into every project.

You can connect with Loretta on LinkedIn.

Listen to the Podcast:



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