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Podcast 11 – Tips For Writing a Winning Business Case

Podcast 11 – Tips For Writing a Winning Business Case

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Looking for hints and tips to help in your plight to write a winning business case? Need tips for working with vendors and clients to get the best outcomes.

In this podcast expert project management blogger Karen Munro from Project Management Insight provides a handy insight into the importance of the benefits realization process following project delivery — providing key skills and tools in your path to becoming a dynamic leader.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Take the time to figure out the problem statement and also if the product needs to be customised, this may save costs in the long term.
  • Deciphering tangible and intangible benefits and learning how to cost them can be worthwhile when looking at ROI. The overall benefit to the business may not be truly reflected in the ROI; benefits to the business should be looked at also.
  • Brainstorm the options and make sure you include a ‘do nothing’ option should this be necessary. This can also provide some solutions that may come out of left field that may provide cost savings.
  • Capture risks associated with the project upfront where possible. Call them out and consider the mitigation strategies at the beginning of the planning phase of the project.
  • Around the contingency plan, if you are going to having contingency in your estimates make it very clear about how much you have included and make sure you make this information available in your business case.
  • Ensure the problem statement is clear from the start, this will clearly determine what your scope will be and also show that you understand what the problem is.

Check out Karen’s website Project Management Insight, to get the low down on transforming your leadership skills and delivering successful projects from start to finish.


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