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Podcast 12 – Projects in Chaos

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Podcast 12 - Projects in Chaos

In this Podcast Kevin Logan, a senior network engineer at Brisbane Airport Corporation (Data #3), shares his expertise on how you can tell if a project is in chaos, what you can do to get them out of chaos. The interview examines the importance of effective communication in resolving conflict within a project team.

With over 18 years global IT experience, including project delivery and operational roles for large corporate enterprises across Europe, Asia, South Pacific, the US and Australia, Kevin has designed and deployed complex network and security solutions for organisations in many different sectors, including financial, government, IT Services companies, aviation, energy and gaming.

Kevin shares his tips on how to manage projects in chaos.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • When conflict levels rise, usually this should alert project managers that projects are in chaos.
  • Project managers have a range of options when dealing with chaos, firstly dialogue to team members, project sponsors and stakeholders. Ensure trust is restored using communication is used to fix conflict as it occurs.
  • Contentious conflict can lead projects to be terminated and communication is key to managing and diffusion of conflict and progressing with the project.
  • Project managers can turn conflict around and turn the situation into a positive outcome.
  • Sometimes discussing conflict and discussing this directly can diffuse issues, and going direct can be resolved quickly and effectively. Clashing egos can be a challenge for project managers.
  • Disagreement on the technical direction – workshop it and work it out with a whiteboard session and develop a range of solutions and decide on the one way to drive the project.
  • Technical discussions should be held on a regular basis to iron out a range of issues – rather than having group discussion that aren’t always relevant for all parties.
  • Continuous and honest communication is the key way to avoid project chaos.
  • Working and talking in a human way can avoid a range of issues. The human touch is key to successful and smooth project management.


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