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Podcast 13 – Projects in Chaos

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast 13 - Projects in Chaos

Let’s talk about: Projects in chaos – get your project back on track

In this podcast, Jim Curlewis – National Project Management & Office Manager for Logicalis shares his expertise on how to identify when projects are in chaos and what you can do to get your project back on track. He also discusses the importance of the art of communication for Project Managers.

Logicalis focuses on deploying and managing secure, converged infrastructure that can increase agility, reduce risk through a consistent and repeatable framework, and cut operating costs by 20-50% for both enterprise and government clients.

The business offers integrated solutions that embrace storage, security, server and IP networking – providing a scalable platform.


Points raised in this podcast:

  • Indicators for project chaos include shifts in timelines and also if the customer becomes confrontational it can be determined that projects are starting to be in chaos.
  • Implementation engineers can sometimes provide an insight into whether the project is going off the rails. This is when 3rd parties might be brought in to bring things back out of chaos.
  • When customers start to get confrontational it is usually a challenge to bring people back from offside.
  • The mark of a really good project manager is to manage the customers’ expectations and deal with things when they are in chaos and still deliver the outcome that is desired.
  • How you communicate is key, whether it is good news or bad news.
  • Being honest and putting your hand up when things start going off the rails is key for project management.
  • Having an air of confidence and having a plan can rally the troops together and this is key when you are in front of customers, they are relying on your expertise and your battle plan to move forward with the project.
  • Sometimes your infrastructure team can seem to be your worst enemy and there can be some discontent, personality management is an essential skill during this process.
  • If you’re good at dealing with people, it goes a long way to artful stakeholder engagement.
  • Managing everyone’s expectations across all stakeholders and their agendas is a challenge although when done well can mean the difference between a good project implementation and a great one.
  • Communicate with all levels from technical engineers right through to the admin team.
  • Create a battle plan and get a ‘war room’ together when projects are in chaos, how you rally everyone together and bringing together the team during the solution is key for successful project management.

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