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Podcast 14 – Top Tips To Land Your Dream Project Management Role

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast 14 - Top Tips To Land Your Dream Project Management Role

In this Podcast Vaughan Smith Director of Source People is interviewed about how project managers can get noticed in a tight job market.

As Director of an independent recruitment consultancy and employment service, Vaughan discusses the importance of a great LinkedIn profile and why cover letters are an important part of differentiating yourself in a competitive job market.

Source People are an independent recruitment and career consultancy offering a comprehensive relationship based consulting service. We work closely with organisations that need to source the right resource at the right time.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • The market is a challenging one for project managers due to cut backs and budgets hitting the industry.
  • During the recruitment process, the applicant is usually accessed against the role when people apply for roles. Ensuring you have included all of your industry experience is key when applying for specific disciplines.
  • The number of candidates based on the roles there are a lot of applications, so the challenge is to find the ideal candidate.
  • Employers are able to be pickier due to the choice available in the current marketplace, the benchmark is high and expectations are high as well.
  • Having the correct organisational fit is important and presenting yourself well on paper can set candidates apart. Professional profiles, cover letters are all key.
  • Cover letters should be 1 to 2 pages – short, sharp and succinct. Focus on your key strengths within the letter.
  • Professional certifications such as Prince 2 are usually the main certification in the industry and this certification dominates the market.
  • To stand out in a crowded market ensure your resume is structured well and outlines your core experience / responsibilities and key achievements. It is quite a strong element when presenting yourself to a recruiter.
  • Write your own resume and use your own words. If a resume has been professionally written it sometimes can stand out and the personality is lost in the document.
  • LinkedIn profiles are very important when applying for a role. It is in essence an online resume. It should match your resume and have the same information.
  • Be yourself and know your capability and what sort of environment you like to work in. You want to target organisations or projects you want to work for.
  • Align yourself with roles and employers you want to work for.

For more information on landing your dream project management job visit Source People.


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