Podcast 15 – Project Portfolio Management

Podcast 15 – Project Portfolio Management

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In this Podcast Id Cuda, Manager, Enterprise Architecture at Ipswich City Council, shares his expertise in how to plan a portfolio of projects and the importance of aligning the portfolio to the overarching strategy for the organisation.

Id’s range of experience covers a range of professional roles covering a range of skills including IT strategic change, ICT strategy, policy and governance leadership, innovation, partnerships and collaboration, business intelligence, business analysis and modelling, vendor management and strategic sourcing, portfolio planning & management and project delivery and management consulting.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • It’s key to align all key elements of good portfolio planning including achieving key goals at the commencement of the planning process.
  • Ensure you have a robust ICT strategy – across a range of areas (including customer, staff, information, processes + technology).
  • Prioritise what goes in the project portfolio based on all of these areas.
  • Outlining objectives in each element of the program to prioritse each stage of the project.
  • Politics within the organisation can affect the way the business operates. Whether you are a government organisation or a private enterprise, strategic projects that have executive buy in will float to the top and this happens in all organisations.
  • Customer focused projects have a higher status than other projects; satisfaction is key for keeping in business. Customer-centric initiatives are usually priority within a project.
  • Visible projects will usually be king and technology makes customer-focused technologies more flexible and can open up a range of service channels for customers.
  • From a technology perspective, the road map is effective in an ICT strategy. The road map will set your portfolio boundaries and will help you achieve the objectives of your project.
  • Analyze the organisations business objectives ahead of commencing a project. Develop a corporate ICT strategy and roadmap ahead of developing your portfolio.


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