Podcast 17 – Are You ready For the Cloud ?

Podcast 17 – Are You ready For the Cloud ?

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Migrating your applications and hardware to the cloud can offer organisations significant monetary savings and provide a range of benefits IT-wise. How do you start planning your cloud migration project? How do you know if the cloud would suit your organisation?

In this podcast, Kevin Logan, John D’Archambaud and Hanré Van Rensburg share their expertise how to plan your cloud migration project.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Cloud based isn’t necessarily the cheapest option for all organisations.
  • The range of services and options available in the market place make the assessment confusing for some stakeholders.
  • Look at the infrastructure component and also the software component. If you require a CPU, it may not be the best option for some large businesses or organisations which have a high security process.
  • Not all applications are suitable for moving to the cloud. Plan ahead and ensure you can get the same level of service with the applications you are looking to migrate.
  • There are private clouds, public clouds and a range of options – organisations should look at their requirements to ensure they engage a cloud system which suits their security needs.
  • Focus on the details and the requirements of what you need to ensure that integration points suit your business.
  • Due diligence should be done early in the process.
  • Look before you leap, understand what you have and how it works and have realistic expectations of what you need from the cloud.
  • Compare the market and look at providers who may provide a trial so you can test the service and performance. Pilot or proof of concept could be a good option when looking to get into cloud-based migration.
  • Look at licensing and understand you integration points to ensure that there are no limitations technically for your organisation migrating to the cloud.


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