Podcast 18 – 8 Steps to Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Podcast 18 – 8 Steps to Effective Stakeholder Engagement

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In this podcast expert organisational change management guru Leo Wilson, Principal consultant and Director at Willow Consulting provides an in-depth insight into the ‘Eight Constants Of Change’— providing key tools and tips for individuals looking to enhance their change management skills.

Leo refers to books throughout the podcast, which focus on managing change including ‘The Change Management Pocket Guide’ and also ‘The Eight Constants of Change’.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • It takes a village – engage with all types and levels of people within the organisation. Address the ‘what’s in it for me’ for all staff and encourage them to engage.
  • Resistance is inevitable within an organisation – the longer people have been in roles, the more challenging it will be to accept change. There can sometimes be a feeling of loss when things change. Consider using the ‘Commitment Curve’
  • Old trees have deep roots – often some departments are easy to engage and there are usually a few departments who are less willing to change. Perception becomes reality and getting past cultural values are important to engage on to move forward.
  • Get to the heart of it – if you’re working with a team leader look for the influencers in the organisation and give them some tasks or roles in the project.
  • Actions speak louder than words – your actions are watched closely throughout a project by all involved.
  • Effective communication – we need to deal with the ‘people’ side of things, communication is key to build trust with your community and deal with objections as they come up. Always listen and respond to all communications.
  • If they build it they will come – people support what they help create. Taking ownership of a project is more likely if people are involved in the process.
  • You’re not in Kansas anymore – fully engage with business community of the organisation to realise the benefits of the new processes. Implement evaluation schemes and recognize people for their efforts in engaging and embracing the benefits of the new processes.

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