Leading transformational change

by Elise Stevens | Futureproof Your Career Podcast

As organisations look to their leaders to help them navigate a post-COVID world, what they really want is trailblazers of transformational change.

Transformational change is designed to create a shift in the culture and work processes of an organisation.

Many of these changes have been thrust upon us, as we work from home and rely increasingly on technology. The habits of our customers are changing too, forcing us to accelerate digital transformation.

In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with agile transformation expert Lenka Pincot about why transformational change skills are crucial to our careers and how we can plan transformation in an unpredictable environment.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Transformation should not be treated like a project, although it often is. A project is measured by sticking to schedules and deliverables, but the pacing of transformation and measure of its success must be more flexible.
  • Transformational change should be measured by its impact – not its outcome. Consider the kind of value you want to create by your transformation.
  • Transformational change is about learning new behaviours and skills on an individual, team and company level.
  • Transformation takes time, which means we need to be flexible. As we change, the customer is constantly changing too and so is technology.
  • Try to adopt an agile mindset rather than attempting to enforce transformational change too rigidly. 
  • Culture is a set of behaviours and to change behaviour we must first understand what drives it. When confronted with change, people need space to participate, to co-create, to air frustrations and speak freely. Once people consider you to be approachable, you can begin to address any anxiety they have about the change.
  • The nature of work and teams is changing. To future-proof your career in a post-COVID world, you must change your habits to stay informed, talk with colleagues and share your vision.

About Lenka:

Lenka Pincot is a leader of organisational transformations and strategic changes. Her focus is on enhancing business agility by building a culture of efficient teams, contributing to digital transformation, and aligning business and IT strategies. Her expertise lies in setting strategic transformation vision, driving complex changes leading to creation of customer value and coaching of agile teams for business success.

Throughout her career as a business and technology leader with almost 20 years of multi-industry experience, she has provided know-how and direction for leading-edge initiatives that included enterprise-wide agile transformations, process reengineering solutions, digital transformation, ERP implementations and Internet of Things innovations. 

Lenka earned a Master of Science Degree in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, and has several international certifications in digital transformation, traditional and agile delivery methods including large-scale agile approaches.

Apart from job assignments, Lenka volunteers as President for the Czech Republic chapter of the global NGO Project Management Institute.

You can connect with Lenka on LinkedIn.