The importance of a confident presence

by Elise Stevens | Futureproof Your Career Podcast

To be perceived as competent at work, we must first be perceived as confident.

In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with leadership development coach Elaine Jacques about the importance of a confident presence.

Elaine has tips for all personality types on how to challenge self-limiting beliefs and adjust behaviour to build authentic confidence.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • People who have a confident presence can be around others without making them feel uncomfortable.
  • When we perceive someone as confident – because they can speak well and hold our attention – we are more likely to believe they are competent.
  • Confidence begins with mindset and cannot be faked. Your self-limiting beliefs show in your body language and behaviour. You must believe you are competent for it to show authentically.
  • Consider your body language. A person with a confident presence has an open body posture, sits up straight and looks people in the eye.
  • People who are perceived as confident and competent are more likely to get pay rises and promotions. Over time this impacts their career arc, making them more successful.
  • People who make a habit of losing their temper, slouching, or sending sloppy emails will find this becomes their personal brand.
  • All personality types will face challenges projecting a confident persona. Extroverts may struggle to be good listeners, while introverts may not share enough.
  • Your communication style should change based on who you are communicating with.

About Elaine:

Elaine Jacques is a leadership presence and leadership development coach who supports mid-career and senior level leaders to #BEMA (Become Even More Amazing) through dividing up their really big goals into +1% action steps that can be implemented starting today!

You can connect with Elaine on LinkedIn.