How to future-proof yourself in a changing labour force

by Elise Stevens | Futureproof Your Career Podcast

It began as the ‘Great Resignation’ – the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to reconsider the value of their work and whether they really wanted to keep their jobs.

Now as the economy rebalances, the world is instead seeing a ‘Great Reshuffle’ as those who left their jobs find new work, employees demand better working conditions and organisations embrace new efficiencies and automation.

In this podcast, Elise Stevens speaks with talent management expert Michael Solomon about how to future-proof yourself in this changing labour force.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • The future of work is unfolding in a profound way due to the pandemic as people consider whether the work they do is truly how they want to be spending their time.
  • In the US particularly, people have felt increasingly emboldened to quit their jobs, prompting an economic trend coined the ‘Great Resignation.’
  • Eventually people who have left their jobs will need to return to work but by them some jobs will no longer exist due to an acceleration of technology.
  • The jobs that are in jeopardy from automation and AI are not necessarily the lowest skilled or lowest paid roles. Any role that is repetitive, both white and blue collar, can be easily automated.
  • Ideally, the future of work will see the creation of efficiency and opportunity that allows wealth to be better shared across society.
  • Companies should be looking to become more attractive to ‘10xers’ – people who bring 10 times the value to their organisation than their peers.
  • 10xers are not simply motivated by salary and benefits, they like to be challenged and have a career plan. They are emotionally intelligent, seek feedback and don’t suffer fools.

About Michael:

Michael Solomon is an experienced talent manager and the founder of music management company Brick Wall, which shaped the careers of musicians like John Mayer, Citizen Cope and Vanessa Carlton. With his decades of talent management experience, Michael went on to establish 10x Management and 10x Ascend, managing high-end freelance tech experts. He recently co-authored Game Changer: How to Be 10x in the Talent Economy, which reveals the secrets to becoming a ‘10xer’; a talented and productive engineer or coder who brings 10 times the value to their company as their colleagues.

Michael is the pro-bono administrator for The Kristen Ann Carr Fund (KACF) for sarcoma treatment and research, which was founded in memory of his girlfriend, Kristen Carr, and the co-founder of Musicians On Call, a non-profit that brings live music to hospital patients at their bedsides, playing for more than 500,000 people since 1999. Michael received the 2014 President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Obama for his work with MOC and remains an active member of its Board of Directors. 

He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two kids. 

You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn.