How to stand out in the job market

by Elise Stevens | Futureproof Your Career Podcast

Women over 50 are often overlooked in the job market due to a combination of ageism and sexism. Having dealt with sexist biases throughout their early career, women then move into their 50s and find they’ve become invisible.

In this podcast, Elise Stevens talks to career coach Kim Jones about the huge value older women bring to the workplace and how they can stand out in the job market.

Kim works with women in career transition – often somewhere around mid-life – concerned they won’t be noticed or considered for the jobs that they’re interested in because of ageism.

In this chat, she explains the danger of internalising that ageism and believing the myth that we’re not young, current or fresh enough to bring value to the workplace.

Points raised in this podcast:

    • Women over 50 can be overlooked in the job market due to sexist and ageist biases.
    • Many women have internalised that ageism, thinking they’re not young, current or fresh enough, and that they no longer have the skills and ideas to be considered for jobs, even though they still desire a meaningful career.
    • In Australia, older women are the fastest-growing group of people experiencing homelessness. Many have raised children then divorced their partners, only to find they can’t get a job, and don’t have superannuation or a pension.
    • Companies are beginning to re-think the skills they want. Attributes such as adaptability, empathy and resilience are becoming increasingly sought after.
    • Companies trying to be more inclusive are now considering age diversity, not only diversity of gender expression and sexuality.
    • If a company doesn’t value you, it’s time to find one that does.
    • Being a continuous learner, having a technological or social media presence, and declaring your ambition can help show an employer that you don’t fit the stereotype they may have in their head.
    • Keeping up with technology has never been easier. Internet searches and Youtube tutorials mean it is possible to learn almost anything quickly.
    • Women over 50 should not be apologising for their age and experience.
    • Networking is just as important for women over 50 as everyone else. The best way to overcome stereotypes is for people to get to know you.

About Kim:

Kim Jones is a certified leadership and career coach, speaker, facilitator, and advisor to individuals and organisations. She believes the world needs more women who build careers in alignment with who they authentically are to bring better balance, inclusion, and consciousness into modern workplaces.

Kim works with corporations to build more equitable and engaged organisations, and with professional women who are seeking careers where their skills are fully realised and recognised.

It makes no difference whether she’s coaching, advising organisation, or working one-on-one with women, there’s one thing her clients seek…and that’s to make a larger impact.

You can connect with Kim Jones on LinkedIn.