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Podcast 24 – Simple Steps to a Successful Cloud Transition

Podcast 24 – Simple Steps to a Successful Cloud Transition

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What are the things that organisations should consider before transitioning their data and applications to the cloud? Are there considerations or planning that can be done to ensure a smooth and simple process?

In this Podcast, founder and CEO John Groom and Change Management Consultant Leo Wilson from award winning information management service provider Acrodata discuss the technical and organisational considerations about transitioning to the cloud.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Cloud based technology provides staff with the opportunity to have a more flexible corporate environment. Providing work life balance which is fast becoming critical in the workplace.
  • Organisational challenges during migration to the cloud can include employee engagement and support. Without the team being involved it would be difficult to get the most value from the project.
  • Get feedback from the team ahead of the implementation to ensure the project meets the entire organisation’s needs.
  • Challenges for businesses may include ensuring you understand from a technical perspective any limitations (i.e. MYOB example in legal industry) locally installed applications may not integrate seamlessly.
  • Ensure you have technical assistance and be prepared for some initial upfront costs to get the project underway. The payback time from transitioning to the cloud is a very short time.
  • Privacy when storing client data in the cloud, be sure you are storing information in a particular area and you store data in a dedicated data source and you know exactly where this information is.
  • The risk associated data to the cloud is safer than if they were to store it ‘under the business roof’.
  • Planning and undertaking a change ready assessment ahead of the project are essential for a smooth transition.

Check the Acrodata website to get a better understanding of digitization and cloud based technology information.


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