The Village Concept

Podcast 26 – The Village Concept

Podcast 26 – The Village Concept

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The First Constant of Change – The Village Concept

In this podcast expert organisational change management specialist, Leo Wilson explores effective organisational change and why the village concept is so important. Leo outlines the importance of the village and the role that individuals play in ensuring the success of organisational change (one of the eight constants of change).

Leo is a Principal Consultant and Director at Willow Consulting and is an expert in organisational change management. Willow Consulting is focused on changing work habits and is focused on the idea that habits and imagination are more powerful human programs than willpower and logic.

Throughout this podcast the book ‘The Eight Constants of Change’ by Stacy Aaron and Kate Nelson is referred to extensively. Stacy and Kate are partners in Change Guides and have also co-authored ‘The Change Management Pocket Guide’ published in 2005.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • When people experience change they go through a personal transition – change affects what they think about the organisation, their role in the organisation and also behaviour.
  • Practice understanding – Transitions allows project managers to focus on the village concept. To practice understanding, find out how to get a clear understanding of the rules and all the answers. Talk about your understanding and update the team (villagers), as you know the information.
  • Find the leaders – the leaders have a responsibility to lead the ‘villagers’; education needs to be a part of the process to avoid confusion and disorientation.
  • Change leaders can help people through the transition – enlisting the support of the organisation to ensure success.
  • Obtain a sense of control – encourage the villagers to obtain a sense of control
  • Talk about how you are feeling — we are all human beings with needs and wants, arrange lunch to learn and communicate
  • Identify the purpose – unless we are talking about why we need the change, we need to identify the purpose. As we go through the change, we start building the future state.
  • Be game to lead the PMO – do a walk around and engage people at all levels, run your own surveys on a regular basis.
  • It does take a village; think about things as a whole rather than just from an individual perspective. Unless you get everyone involved in the project across the line, it won’t be a success.

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