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Podcast 27 – How to Justify Your ERP Implementation Project

Podcast 27 – How to Justify Your ERP Implementation Project

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Karen Munro discusses within this podcast steps to justify upgrading your ERP to a new and improved system and how to examine the benefits that organisations can obtain through implementing an ERP system.

ERP systems are the foundation for business analytics and efficiency within a business. They create standardisation for business processes and encourage standards for systems within an organisation.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • ERP’s are great for organisations who have parent companies and multiple offshore bases with multiple currencies.
  • The systems simplify the organisation’s process and as companies grow these systems are effective and can streamline data and helps create synergies within sales, CRM, and financial areas.
  • Customisation can cost more for businesses implementing new ERP systems, as standard functionality doesn’t always suit every business. Flow on costs including fixes, testing, maintenance costs and training for moving to the new system.
  • Organisational change impact is a massive issue when implementing an ERP system into an organisation.
  • Get people used to the system so that the organisation is along for the journey. Engage agile thinking to deliver a smarter way of delivering the process within the organisation.
  • Fully understand your business and business processes. Ask yourself the question have you understood and accessed your needs before you engage with a new ERP implementation.

Check out Karen’s website to get a better understanding project management and tools to manage change management effectively.

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