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Podcast 28 – What is the Future of Project Management ?

Podcast 28 – What is the Future of Project Management ?

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Does the project management profession need to change? Do project management professionals need to change the way they approach project management?

In this Podcast, industry trail blazer and author Colin Ellis discusses why the project management profession needs to change and how we can simplify the process to deliver the best outcomes for ourselves and our clients.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Project management is a communications business and it has changed quite significantly particularly over the last 5 years. Different modes of collaboration are key to the future of project management.
  • There is a big opportunity to get done things more quickly and to focus on outcomes. We should focus less on structures and processes.
  • Leadership is where it’s at – being a project leader is about the whole team and focusing on the entire organisation.
  • Focus on creating a vision and set a context, from this derive a culture – this will set the theme for the project and encourage innovation.
  • The PMO needs to start adding more value to ensure it continues to exist within the process. Should be look at what PMO’s are doing?
  • As project delivery departments we need to be agile and tech savvy and focus on doing things quickly as the culture and delivery expectation has changed with the increase of IT and tech culture.
  • Changing into project leadership – focus on soft skills and look at behaviours. Focus on what managers do compared to what leaders do — look at personal change and consider a coach or mentor.
  • Collaboration will be key in the future. Focus on what should happen in the next 3, 5 and 10 years.

Check out Colin’s website to get a better understanding of the future of project management and tools to use to embrace dynamic and effective project delivery and project leadership.


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