how to write a great business case

Podcast 31 – How to Write a Great Business Case

Podcast 31 – How to Write a Great Business Case

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Let’s talk about: How to write a great business case

In this podcast Devon Manelski Principal Consultant and CEO of MarchTen Consulting shares his expertise on how to write a great business case. Do you really need a business case? Devon explores this topic in detail in this podcast.

At MarchTen is based in the USA and is focused on ensuring that technical solutions deliver competitive advantage by bridging the divide between the business side and the technical side of organisations.

MarchTen leverages many Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to deliver the highest quality results in the shortest possible time and believe that data analysis is fundamental to the success of any initiative.

Points raised in this podcast:

Finding out if you need a business case

  • If you want to find out if a business case is required you may want to look at the organisational size, strategic importance and complexity – all these factors will help decide if the business case is required.
  • If the product is complex or complimentary or brand new, you may want to create a business case. In the case where a product is a commodity, you may not need a business case.
  • Small organisations usually don’t need a business case; as the significant cost of the business case isn’t worth the budget spend.


Risks & variances for business cases

  • If you see a significant burn rate of budget when comparing the budget and the timeline, you can start to get a sense of how on or off track the project is.
  • Business cases help to provide alignment and help keep everyone on the same page.
  • Don’t dwell on the past and find the most effective mechanism to communicate to the team members.


Creating effective business case

  • Find out why you are doing the project, then move from the ‘why’ and then find out how you can persuade your audience. Figure out what this audience wants to really find out about the project.
  • Look at templates & examples and customise them to the specifics of your organisation
  • Go through and focus on data and include how your organisation should approach the project.


Tips for writing a business case

  • Identify the most important details for your project.
  • What is the underlying financial and strategic value to your project – identify this upfront to the people who will be signing off on the project.
  • Alignment – as you’re writing the business case, bring the stakeholders together. Present compelling information and outline the reasons for how the project will help them achieve their goals.
  • Be convincing and interesting so that people are engaged – take the stakeholders on a journey and make them interested.
  • Size your costs, outline your risks and communicate in business language the value of your project.


To find out more about the Devon’s services and approach to IT consulting and tips for how to write a great business case visit his website


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