Podcast 32 – Softskills for Project Managers

Podcast 32 – Softskills for Project Managers

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Do you find connecting with staff a challenge? What are softskills and how can you use them to be a great project manager?

In this online project management podcast, Marilyn McKinlay from Essential Business Mindset describes how you can develop your softskills to enhance your project management leadership.

Key points raised in this podcast:

• The art of persuasion – how to tap into positive emotions.
• How to positively connect with people
• Three steps to addressing people’s inner fears in the workplace.
• How to deal with difficult individuals in a positive way.

Human beings need to feel respected, valued and cared for in the workplace. Listen to Marilyn McKInlay here on this project management podcast to begin to implement the softskills you need to encourage your staff and make sure they are happy at work.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

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  1. Roz
    Roz says:

    Great interview. Thank you both.
    Marilyn, you break it all down into such meaningful & understandable chunks. Such wonderful & practical info to use in any workplace – or other relationships.
    Thank you 🙂

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