Podcast 35 – Do You Need a Mentor ?

Podcast 35 – Do You Need a Mentor ?

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About This Podcast:

Are you unhappy with your career? Feel like you havent achieved the kind of success, wealth and fulfilment youre capable of?

Mentoring is one of the most powerful tools you can use to change your working life and find success. Most of the worlds most accomplished business people have had mentors, yet many people dont understand the value of mentoring or know how to find one.

A good mentor will inspire you, support you through obstacles, provide fresh insights into your problems, connect you with their networks and impart the knowledge you need to succeed. These are key drivers of success that youll struggle to find outside of the mentor-mentee relationship. But how do you find a mentor and make the relationship work so you both benefit from it?

Natalie Alexia, Queen Bee from Life Let Loose shares her thoughts on why a professional mentor is a great idea for growing your skills and learn new perspectives.

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