Podcast 37 – The Future is Connected Case Management

Podcast 37 – The Future is Connected Case Management

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How can organisations do more with less? Case management is a valuable tool for organisations in today’s outsourcing environment.

In this podcast David Eade, Thought Leader at Objective Corporation, explains the reasons why connected case management is a more organic approach that produces better outcomes for public sector organisations.

Key points raised in this podcast:

• Systems such as email contain lots of information, yet it is a closed source. Information needs to be shared for efficient findability.
• The importance of transparency.
• How connected case management tools help to make information more visible.
• How to overcome the challenge of information sharing between different groups.

Effective information sharing needs connected case management systems that cross agency boundaries.

Listen now to David Eade and find out why connected case management holds the key to success for the public sector.

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