Podcast 38 – How to Fall in Love With Your eDRMS Implementation

Podcast 38 – How to Fall in Love With Your eDRMS Implementation

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Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time to shake up information findability, records management and business processes with the eDRMs system.

In this project management podcast, industry influencer Karen Munro gives practical advice on how to love the eDRMS implementation in your organisation, and not see it as a threat.

Key points raised in this podcast:
• People are often resistant to change, and stick to old methods even though they might not work properly.
• How to encourage others to see the benefits of using a new system.
• The striking a balance between finding information and records management.
• Having champions to guide/instruct people on how to use the new process provides much needed support.
• Getting senior management support is essential to ensuring the success of the project.

The fact is, human beings can be resistant to change even though new processes can be much more beneficial than the old ones.

Listen to project management mentor Karen Munro now and show your colleagues how an eDRMs can help make your organisation more efficient.

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