Podcast 39 – Unleash Your Inner Project Leader

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast 39 - Unleash Your Inner Project Leader

Stuck in a management rut? Feel like your project just isn’t working? Although you might be great at understanding the processes involved in project management, how well do you engage with the other people behind the project?
In this podcast, project management mentor Susanne Masden clarifies the difference between management and leadership, and what you can do to become a skilled, dynamic leader.

Key points raised in this podcast:

• It’s people, not processes that make a project successful.
• Technical skills are not enough to deliver successful projects.
• How to communicate with other project members using awareness and emotional intelligence.
• Realising the value of your project and using it to inspire and motivate others.

Check out Susanne’s book, The Power of Project Leadership, to get the know-how on transforming your leadership skills and delivering successful projects.

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