About This Podcast

In a perfect world, Project Managers would have the luxury of time to assess all the available options, consult with all the relevant stakeholders and then make an informed decision. 

In our complex, fast paced world, this doesn’t always happen.

So how do you make better decisions?

In this Podcast Michel Dion from Project Aria, shares his thoughts on how to simplify your decision making processes and support the delivery of your project.

Michel recently published his book – Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers – Achieve Better Results in a Dynamic World

Points discussed in this Podcast include:

  • The importance of managing your project’s information and data with love and attention
  • Understanding what your decision making boundaries are
  • The importance of communicating any decisions made to all your stakeholders
  • Being clear about decisions that are required to be made from stakeholders, steering committees, governance groups etc


Listen to the Podcast:

Additional Resources for the Podcast:


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Michel’s Website
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3 Decision Making techniques for Project Managers