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Podcast 43 – 10 Ways to Win Your Project Sponsor Back

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast 43 - 10 Ways to Win Your Project Sponsor Back

About This Podcast

The Project Sponsor role is very important to ensuring that your project is success. What if your relationship with your sponsor is not great? What can you do to breathe new life into this important relationship?

One of the key roles on any project is the Project Sponsor. The Project Sponsor is typically responsible for championing the project within an organisation and ensuring that the process/organisational have traction.  Sometimes this relationship may not be as effective as it could be.

In this Podcast Karen Munro and I examine 10 ways that you can win back your Project Sponsor’s support.

Points discussed in this Podcast include:

  • What is the role of the Project Sponsor
  • Why is an engaged sponsor important
  • Investing in the health of your relationship with your Project Sponsor brings rewards
  • The importance of open dialogue

Listen to the Podcast:

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