Podcast 44 – Start Your Project Management Career – The First Steps

Podcast 44 – Start Your Project Management Career – The First Steps

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About This Podcast

Project management careers just don’t happen overnight. Like any successful project, it takes effective planning, managing the risks and issues, managing your stakeholders and executing the plan.

In this Podcast, Bridget Young from Synergy Placements explores why mentoring is an important component of any career and how treating your project management career as a project is essential to career success.


Points discussed in this Podcast include:

  • Explore all avenues to gain that all important project management experience
  • Treat your career like a project
  • The importance of a career mentor
  • Why building a network of professional peers can assist you in gaining valuable knowledge
  • The benefits of reaching out and engaging with other Project Managers

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    Great topic about how to build your project management network

  • Entangled

    Interesting article about how to obtain much needed experience when you don’t have PMI certification

  • Tom’s IT Pro

    Great advice on how to transition from being a Project Lead to being a Project Manager

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