Podcast 46 – Undiscovered Treasure – Project Knowledge in the Real World

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Podcast 46 - Undiscovered Treasure - Project Knowledge in the Real World

About This Podcast

Knowledge learnt on a project is so much more than what is available through lessons learnt or post implementation reviews.
Yet it seems that knowledge nuggets that we discover during the execution of a project, typically stay with individuals and are rarely shared with the PMO, the operational staff or other projects. 
It is not because people are not willing to share their knowledge but more that the mechanism for capturing and sharing is not there. 
In this Podcast Nicole Taylor, a very experience Project Manager, explores ways that project teams can share vital knowledge with the wider organisation and how it adds value to the organisation.

Points discussed in this Podcast include:

  • Capturing knowledge – why this activity needs to be undertaken throughout the project lifecycle
  • The importance of a knowledge sharing culture
  • It is not just about the technology – but it helps 
  • Working with your peers make greater use of the available knowledge
  • Be a knowledge sharer – not a knowledge hoarder 

Listen to the Podcast:

Additional Resources for the Podcast:

  • Slideshare

    Excellent summary of the type of knowledge found in/on/during projects

  • Liquid Planner

    An interesting summary of how to capture project knowledge and how to share with the wider organisation

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