Podcast 49 – Do You Know How Valuable Your Information Is?

Podcast 49 – Do You Know How Valuable Your Information Is?

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About This Podcast:

Information is valuable – the core of any organisation. Everyone knows it yet how do you calculate the actual dollar value??

Neil Glentworth from Glentworth Consulting, shares his expertise on how to calculate the value of your information assets.

In the past I have been asked to quantify how much information is worth in monetary terms. I struggled to find an easy method that would enable me to calculate this value. After recording this Podcast with Neil, I can now calculate the value of information with confidence and accuracy.


Points Discussed in the Podcast:

  • Information is an asset to any organisation
  • Information has a tangible value to any organisation
  • Information quality does matter – organisations need to care for their information assets just like any asset
  • Love and care for your information – without it you will be lost or out of business


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