Podcast 53 – Are you 20% Human and 80% Stress ?

Podcast 53 – Are you 20% Human and 80% Stress ?

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About This Podcast:

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling that you are only 20% human and the rest of you is just one big bundle of stress? If you relate to being 20% human and 80% stress, then this Podcast is for you. Let Judy Hinwood from the Stress Management Institute guide you to get the balance back in your life so that once again you become 100% human and in control of your life.

Points Raised in the Podcast:

  • Of course we are all 100% human
  • Stress can take over lives and make us unhappy and unwell
  • The importance of taking time out during the day to find your centre and keep your stress under control
  • How deep breathing techniques and meditation time can assist you in reducing your stress
  • It is possible to carve out time during your busy day to find your place of calm

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