Podcast 56 – How to be an Project Estimating Guru

Podcast 56 – How to be an Project Estimating Guru

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About This Podcast:

Are you in project estimating vortex? One where you never seem to hit the mark from a project cost, schedule and resourcing perspective? In this Podcast, Dan Galorath from Galorath shares his expertise on how to become a project estimating guru.


Points Raised in the Podcast:

  • Most Project Managers are optimistic estimators
  • Best practice suggests that we temper the estimates we develop with an outside view
  • Important to give a real view of project estimates
  • 3 point estimates (best, worst and likely) is an effective method to determine the project parameters
  • Organisations need to consider what the cost of a bad project decision is, when justifying external estimating verification such as the SEER service
  • Be true to yourself, provide estimates that are real – not ones that fit the parameters provided to you


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Additional Resources:

  • Galorath/Seer Software

    Galorath Website – Lot’s of great resources about how the SEER models can be used to improve project estimates

  • Liquid Planner

    A great blog post from Liquid Planner about 5 methods of project estimating

  • Ed2Go

    3 ways to estimate projects for project managers


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