Podcast 61 – Are You an Ethical Project Manager?

Podcast 61 – Are You an Ethical Project Manager?

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About This Podcast:

As a Project Manager we make a lot of decisions. On a typical project we can have responsibility for:

  • Managing relationships with vendors, internal stakeholders, external stakeholders
  • Leading cross functional teams
  • Respecting sensitive information
  • Hiring of external consultants and contractors

These responsibilities can lead to ethical dilemmas and cause unease about situations that arise.The PMI has developed an Ethical Decision Making Framework, that will assist you to make the correct decision. Amany Nuseibeh MBT, PMP, CPPD, MSP, a member of the PMI Ethics Advisory Group, provides an overview on how the Ethical Decision Making Framework can help you make the ethical decision.

Points Raised in the Podcast:

  • Our behaviour needs to align with our values.
  • PMI has developed a Ethical Decision Making Framework
  • Framework brings awareness to decision making
  • How a structured approach to decision making assists you to make the right ethical choice
  • The decisions we make will need to stand the test of time

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