Podcast 66 – How to Break Out of Being a Victim Project Manager

Podcast 66 – How to Break Out of Being a Victim Project Manager

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About This Podcast:

It is possible to break the cycle of being a victim and start to enjoy your projects. As Project Managers we are always under a lot of stress to deliver projects on the minimal amount of money possible, in the shortest time frame available and to an acceptable level of quality. If we are not vigilant we can be pushed around and made to feel small. This Podcast provides practical advice on how to lift yourself out of the vortex of despair and get you project management mojo back. Gillian Klette, an experienced Organisational Change Manager, shares her top tips on how to break out of being a victim Project Manager and take control of your work life.

Key Points Raised in this Podcast:

  • How humour can be used to diffuse difficult and tense situations
  • In tense situations take yourself out of the situation and observe rather than react
  • Strong stakeholder engagement usually negates bullying type behaviour
  • In victim mode you give power away, leaving you feeling weak and defeated
  • The worst way to deal with victim mentality is to suppress your emotions
  • Above all else value your self worth

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