Podcast 68 – How to Manage Your Remote Vendor

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast 68 - How to Manage Your Remote Vendor

About This Podcast:

In today’s environment, managing vendors is an essential part of any project large or small.  Ensuring that the vendor relationship is solid takes time and engagement by all parties. The big stick approach to ensuring that the vendor delivers, rarely works yet it seems to be one of the most common approaches. How can we build a relationship that ensures that the project outcomes are delivered?

COMMUNICATION and COLLABORATION are keys for project success.

In this Podcast, Marie Longworth, a Senior Project Manager, shares her knowledge about to successfully manage your remote vendor.

Key Points Raised in this Podcast:

  • At the commencement of the project, it is important to agree the communication protocol/process for the engagement
  • Like all projects, ensuring that the planning is completed before the commencement of the project is a fundamental step
  • Remote project teams can offer additional capability that may not be available in your location
  • Build a relationship based on trust and collaboration
  • Respect between all the parties is essential for project success
  • Collaborate with your vendor to identify the most effective way to communicate

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