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Podcast 75 – 3 things a CIO wants from their Project Managers

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast 75 - 3 things a CIO wants from their Project Managers

Let’s talk about: 3 things your CIO wants

In this Podcast, CIO and CTO Strategy Advisor Michael Young discusses the top things your CIO wants from their project managers and tips for getting the most out of PM roles.

With deep experience in technology and customer service Michael brings to companies both an understandable technical leadership and also a bridge across to the customer experience and business requirements when needed.

Michael’s specialties include IT strategy & services, customer service, customer experience management, telecommunications, network strategy, vendor management, managed services, organisational transition and transformation.


What CIO’s want from their project managers:

Effective soft skills – including high integrity and the ability to commit things based on the time lines and requirements.

Someone that is personally accountable – someone that is personally involved in the game, and steps up and is personally accountable (no finger pointing).

A strong negotiator – someone who has good skills is a ‘win win’, all parties should gain from this.


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Recommended reading from Michael:

‘Conscious Business’ by Fred Kofman – the book outlines how to get real commitments with high integrity. When you make a commitment it is actually ok to break that commitment as long as there are reasons why you need to break it. Acknowledge the signs and be honest about the forecast particularly for time lines and budgets.

‘How To Win Friends And Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie – it’s an effective book for learning how to influence people.


A big push today is about influencing the customer experience, keep up to date and be aware of what is happening in the market place.

Managing a project is all about managing people, recognise the stakeholders, be open to learning, don’t have preconceived ideas and learn on the job.

Break out of the process mould and bring something new to the project and openness to the organisation as a strategic business partner.

We hope you have enjoyed our discussion about the top things your CIO wants from their project managers.

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