how to manage a team of project managers

Podcast 79 – How to manage a team of project managers

Podcast 79 – How to manage a team of project managers

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Let’s talk about: how to manage a team of project managers

In this podcast, Julie Goff, a very experienced leader of teams of Project Managers, speaks with me about how to successfully manage a team of project managers.

Julie is a senior project and program manager with CPPD certification and Prince2 training and experience, acknowledged for her capacity to identify and mitigate risk, restore organisational balance, and foster the goodwill with boards, teams, vendors and clients.

Julie has extensive experience in identifying business needs, winning buy-in from key stakeholders and steering multimillion-dollar projects and programs for optimum ROI.

As well as this, Julie’s skill set has covered multiple disciplines including team recruitment, development and management, executive-level communications. Julie’s business case building has honed strengths in delivering strategic visions and uniting stakeholders with diverse agendas. In addition, Julie has worked on developing program and project methodologies, and implementing PMO type functions in two organisations.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • If you have a new project manager joining your team you really need to set the standard from the beginning. Explain their responsibilities and what is expected every step of the way.
  • Buddy new project managers up and step them through the process with e diligent project manager with good skills and experience.
  • Cultural fit within the organisation is essential and making sure the ‘fit’ is right is essential and a real challenge.
  • If you inherit a team of project managers the best way to set the standard is to get to know each project manager personally and find out where their strengths are.
  • You can’t get people on high performing teams if you don’t understand the individual drivers that give people job satisfaction.
  • Be open and compassionate and provide an insight into yourself and explain that you are trying to get to know them and understand which role will be best for them.
  • Alpha project managers exist, and sometimes you have to stroke egos to get the job done. Approach individuals and get their advice, build a relationship and make them feel valued to start the engagement and relationship.
  • In the case where there is a conflict use an intermediary to get an insight into what is happened.
  • Organisational change teams work hand in hand with project managers to provide a fluid process when project management teams are in conflict.
  • Let people to do their job, give them all the help they need and help them solve issues but let them run and do their job.
  • It’s a two-way street, give project managers an insight into your style and build the relationship on a day-by-day basis.
  • Celebrate success. Ensure you recognize and reward the effort that has gone into delivering projects. Work on the lessons you have learnt and focus on change in the next project.
  • Be the leader you want to be, be true to yourself and don’t be driven by the alpha project managers.


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