As a project manager you know how to manage change, but do you truly understand the art of stakeholder engagement and what motivates people to change?

Victoria Caplin Thomas, Workplace Change Manager, Real Estate at PwC in London shares her thoughts about of how to engage and maintain effective relationships with your project stakeholders.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Turn the traditional method on its head and consider turning up to a meeting with a outline or agenda and focus on getting the client to present back what they hope to achieve from the project.
  • Data is not always believed, give clients the data to work through so that they engage with the information, present back to you their findings and get involved in the process.
  • Changing the role from a passive engagement with stakeholders and encouraging clients to talk through the data and get involved in the process – which inevitably provides unique outcomes from projects.
  • Don’t just ‘present’ all the time – involve people engaged in the project in each step of the project to be apart of the project in a truly unique way.
  • Keep things simple – after meetings ask for feedback from stakeholders. Ask the questions and understand you teams to ensure there is not discontentment. Communicating may solve big problems early.
  • Communicate in a range of formats that suit the stakeholder – whether it be face-to-face, written communication etc.
  • Putting decisions back to the key individuals is key.
  • Listening is important to stakeholder engagement.