Podcast 96 – How to manage creative projects

Podcast 96 – How to manage creative projects

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Let’s talk about how to manage creative projects

In this podcast, Emma Morgan from The Business Designer speaks to  me about how to manage creative projects and why they are different from others.

Emma works with business owners and creative directors who want to build their brands. Her approach combines project management with creative strategy, helping a variety of clients, from those who want to build a brand from scratch, to those with a creative project in mind.

She has experience within design management, art direction and marketing, having worked with the likes of Marks and Spencer, Hasbro Games, Codemasters Software, Sky News and MTV.

Points raised in this podcast:

  • Creative projects can have a different focus and often involve an emotional process.
  • It is important to allow creatives an element of flexibility with the timeline of the project.
  • Strict deadlines can stifle creativity.
  • Traditional project managers may struggle to understand the creative process.
  • Implementing phases can help keep a creative project on track. Phases can include discovery (which includes a design brief and client instruction), design (the creative process), development (which applies the creative ideas to the project) and delivery. In this way, if the design process is taking longer than expected, time can be made-up in other phases.
  • The main challenge for creatives is the client not understanding the true size of the project. It is important to be honest with the client about how long their project will realistically take and the full extent of their involvement.
  • Creatives can often be delayed in the design phase when a client takes longer than expected to deliver content for a project.
  • Creative projects are differentiated by how difficult it can be to understand exactly what the client wants.
  • Speaking to your client and meeting them as many times as possible is essential to a good creative project.
  • A brief can never be properly delivered in just one email.

You can follow Emma’s blog The Knowledge File here.

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