Podcast: Christina Bertram

Age Defying Careers
Age Defying Careers
Podcast: Christina Bertram

BEING GRATEFUL with Christina Bertram

A gratitude project has turned into a fully-fledged business for former HR professional Christina Bertram.

When her daughter needed support for her anxiety, Christina found online kindness cards, which she hoped would allow her to reach out in gratitude to others in her life. Ironically, the idea didn’t at all appeal to her teenage daughter at the time – but Christina was hooked.

Having spent 26 years in the public service; initially in human resources and organisational change, then in account and debt management, and finally in project management, Christina knew she had valuable interpersonal and management skills, as well as strong time management skills, that she could take into a small business.

She is now known as the Appreciation Marketing Mentor, and specialises in helping entrepreneurs and business owners build meaningful, long-lasting connections with customers and business associates. Her specific passion is online card and gifting strategies that provide tangible expressions of appreciation, with personal delivery to a mailbox.

Starting your own business is always daunting, but Christina had recognised it was time to shift gears. Her business has given her more flexibility for her family, and gratitude for the opportunities she’s been given and the changes she’s made.


  • When business ideas come from the unlikeliest of places.
  • How to be grateful for change.
  • Identifying and using transferable skills.
  • Establishing routine and structure when you’re working from home.
  • The importance of investing in yourself.
  • The value of like-minded friends and colleagues.


Christina Bertram is the Appreciation Marketing Mentor. She works with savvy entrepreneurs and business owners to implement simple, easy-to-use relationship and appreciation marketing strategies that can transform their business relationships and business income.

Christina has studied Organisational Psychology and has experience in human resource development, work process improvement and project management. She is passionate about helping clients implement powerful online card and gifting systems to grow solid long-lasting business relationships and a great referral based business income.

She is also a speaker, network facilitator, mentor and guest blogger with Smallville. You can connect with Christina on LinkedIn.

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