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Podcast Episode #172: Lynda Tregoweth – The importance of leadership in project management

Futureproof Your Career
Futureproof Your Career
Podcast Episode #172: Lynda Tregoweth – The importance of leadership in project management

Podcast Episode #172: Lynda Tregoweth – The importance of leadership in project management

Strong leadership is far more challenging to deliver in times of pressure or change – but that’s exactly when it’s most needed.

Lynda Tregoweth is a coach and mentor who has worked in leadership roles long enough to know that if pressure at the top isn’t handled well, it won’t be long before cracks start to appear below.

But, what does good leadership in project delivery look like? And how can project managers become better leaders? In this podcast, Lynda speaks with Elise Stevens about finding your leadership style and getting the most from your team.


Points raised in this podcast with Lynda Tregoweth:

  • People can sense when there is tension between leaders. This can create discontent, damage productivity and fuel concerns around job security.
  • A good leader will navigate their way through any tension or change in the organisation and then guide their team through beside them.
  • A good leader will be visible in times of pressure. They will be attending the difficult meetings and making hard decisions but will also continue to front up to the people in their teams. Withdrawing only breeds distrust.
  • Leadership is about self-development. Get to know yourself and your values, then make sure they align with the organisation and you’ll have fun building your teams.
  • While professional development opportunities might be offered to you by your organisation, it’s important to also pursue leadership development outside and independent of the organisation.
  • Find a mentor who has the experience and behavioural flexibility to adapt in different situations and allow them to show you how to do the same.
  • Be an advocate for the project and the team. Getting to know your team and their strengths will ensure you can get the most out of them and spot any areas of risk. 
  • It is your ability to lead and set the tone and culture that will make people want to work with you.


About Lynda Tregoweth:

Lynda Tregoweth works with leaders, entrepreneurs and passionate individuals who want to take charge of their goals in career, love and life. Her background is in senior leadership roles in the media, in marketing as well as across the telco and finance industries in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The move into coaching was a clear choice for Lynda after working in organisations that were constantly restructuring, impacting how people felt about their world.

While Lynda has enjoyed working with big corporates like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Telstra, NAB, Bupa, Telecom NZ and the government, working with passionate, creative people is what really lights her fire. Lynda now works with clients all over the world and is recognised for her leadership training as well as her pragmatic approach to business and life.

Lynda is a qualified coach, NLP practitioner, Matrix Therapist, Reiki practitioner, and has higher education in leadership and management, human resources, business strategy, project and change management. 

You can connect with Lynda on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn or visit her website.


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