Podcast: Finding your perfect career, with Felicity Dwyer

Podcast: Finding your perfect career, with Felicity Dwyer
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Felicity Dwyer is a careers coach, management consultant and trainer, based in Hampshire, England. In this interview, she talks about her own career journey and how it led to her starting two successful businesses aged in her 40s.

Felicity is the founder of Stepping Up, a UK leadership and management training consultancy. In her interview with Elise Stevens, Felicity talks about how she ‘blossomed’ while working for a voluntary sector infrastructure organisation in the early 2000s, who genuinely valued their employee’s professional and personal development. This organisation became Felicity’s first client when she began working for herself in 2003, and inspired her to obtain management qualifications herself. Stepping Up has now worked with hundreds of managers across the private and nonprofit sectors.

Felicity is also a career coach, who has worked with mid-life professionals for almost 15 years at The Heart of Work. She speaks with Elise about how to transition into a new career and the importance of investing your time in building skills.

“There’s a lot of information out there that is free and is of really good quality,” Felicity says.

“One of the things I really encourage people to do is to develop their skills. If you feel like you have very good tech skills, very good people skills, a good breadth of knowledge and most importantly, the ability to learn, it will give you the confidence to think you can pick up new things … and have the capacity to learn, and act, and cope with whatever comes your way.”


  • The many reasons people change careers in their mid-lives
  • Appreciating how the ‘threads’ of our personal histories lead us to the careers we are meant to have
  • How once we find the career we truly want, everything seems to align for its success
  • How all of our professional and personal experiences contribute to a valuable skillset that can be applied elsewhere
  • The importance of management practices that value human resources
  • Why supportive professional networks are so valuable


FelicityDwyerFelicity Dwyer is a career coach. She specialises in working with mid-life professionals who want to change direction. Felicity helps her clients find clarity about their ideal career path and next steps. Her coaching practice is called The Heart of Work. Felicity also works in the field of management development, primarily in the arts and heritage sector. She is the co-founder of Stepping Up, which aims to empower leads and managers through training, coaching and qualifications. Felicity is particularly interested in facilitating development for first-line managers, and managers of volunteers. She can also be found at http://steppinguptraining.co.uk/


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