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Podcast: Sorrel Gilbert – Growing Your Project Manage Confidence As A Young Woman

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Podcast: Sorrel Gilbert - Growing Your Project Manage Confidence As A Young Woman

Podcast: Sorrel Gilbert – Growing Your Project Manage Confidence As A Young Woman

As someone who’s just finished her apprenticeship and has begun working as a freelance Project Manager, Sorrel Gilbert is well acquainted with the experience of being new to the profession. Having been asked to be on major Women in Project Management Panel and worked on putting together major Project Management conferences very early on her career, she’s had to hit the ground running as a young woman in the industry.

In Sorrel’s experience, you can often enter a workplace where everyone works as a team, gets along and is on the same wavelength. However, when entering a workplace where there’s tension in the team or the team doesn’t work well together, there’s a definite temptation to feel like you’re the one responsible. Often, you’re the only woman in the team in what is already a male-dominated environment, and you can end up wondering if sexism is to blame.

She’s come up with a few pointers about how young women in the same position can help grow their confidence:

Points raised in this podcast with Sorrel Gilbert:

  • When you’re new to the profession, you need to put yourself out there and actively network.
  • When you’re around senior Project Managers, talk to them. Don’t assume they’re above your level.
  • Always think the best in people – don’t assume they hate you. Find out why they’re acting this way.
  • Often others can see clearly what you can’t. This is why asking for help is so important.
  • Don’t fall prey to Imposter Syndrome in the workplace.
  • Know what you can and can’t do, and build a team around you to support your weaknesses.
  • If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will.

About Sorrel Gilbert:

Sorrel Gilbert is a Programme Manager, Academic and Speaker based in Guildford in the United Kingdom. She has a depth of experience in working on large aerospace and defence projects, and is working towards her master’s degree in Science, focusing on Systems Thinking In Practice. She’s experienced in working with customers and subcontractors on project improvement, improving reporting processes and providing advice on resource loading. Sorrel is an active member of the Association For Project Management. You can read some of her insights on her website, or get in touch with her directly on LinkedIn.



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