Podcast: Taking risks, with Kanchana Bishop

Podcast: Taking risks, with Kanchana Bishop
Age Defying Careers

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Kanchana Bishop has always been curious about how things work. When she saw a pamphlet for a chemical engineering degree while still in high school she jumped at the idea and became one of just three women to graduate from a cohort of 40 students.

When she took her first engineering job, the uniform department did not actually stock shoes for women. But that did not slow her down. For years Kanchana worked as a chemical engineer for companies including CRA (now Rio Tinto Limited) and BHP Billiton. Upon moving to Darwin, she walked into a recruitment firm looking for her next engineering role. She didn’t get one – but she did get a job in recruitment!

Kanchana is now living in Brisbane. Five years ago she accidentally started her own business. As she explains to Elise Stevens, she simply loves the resources and energy industry – that’s why she’s still in it years later. She’s been taking on the big challenges all throughout her career – and now she helps companies do the same.


  • The value of being surrounded by people smarter than you.
  • How an MBA can be an eye-opener – even if you love your job.
  • The importance of finding the right people to support your agenda.
  • How finding out what people need will help you deliver what they want.
  • The importance of having a go.
  • The value of learning resilience.
  • The importance of great mentors.
  • Why you should seek out challenges and try new things.
  • The importance of giving back.


taking risks Kanchana BishopKanchana Bishop is the founder of VibranceRisk, a consulting business that specialises in risk leadership. As a chemical engineer, she has worked in engineering, operations and maintenance across a range of industries including resources and energy, processing, water and renewables.

Kanchana has a wealth of experience across project and risk management, board directorship and entrepreneurship. She holds an MBA and also has experience with start-ups. Her passion is helping organisations understand how they can mitigate threats and advance opportunities.

You can connect with Kanchana on LinkedIn or check out her business VibranceRisk.

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