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I have two podcast series: Fix My Project Chaos which features interviews with project management experts from around the world; and Age Defying Careers which focuses on renewing the confidence of women over 40 in the workplace.

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Podcast 38 – How to Fall in Love With Your eDRMS Implementation

Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time to shake up information…

Podcast 37 – The Future is Connected Case Management

How can organisations do more with less? Case management is a…
Cog and hand

Podcast 36 – Productivity and You – How to Improve Your Productivity

Are you achieving your goals or do you need to enhance your productivity?…

Podcast 35 – Do You Need a Mentor ?

About This Podcast: Are you unhappy with your career? Feel like…

Podcast 34 – The Third Constant of Change – Old Trees Have Deep Roots

In this Podcast, Leo Wilson from Willow Consulting discusses…
Many Choices

Podcast 33 – What Type of PMO is Right for Your Organisation?

As projects have grown in complexity and scale, it’s an exciting…

Podcast 32 – Softskills for Project Managers

Do you find connecting with staff a challenge? What are softskills…
how to write a great business case

Podcast 31 – How to Write a Great Business Case

Let's talk about: How to write a great business case In this…
Fireworks Nbr 2

Podcast 30 – A Guide to Justifying a CRM Implementation

Welcome to Podcast 30 - It is very exciting to have made it to…

Podcast 29 – The Second Constant of Change – An Object at Rest Tends to Stay at Rest

Have you experienced resistance to a change initiative? Are you…
cropped man

Podcast 28 – What is the Future of Project Management ?

Does the project management profession need to change? Do project…
project management

Podcast 27 – How to Justify Your ERP Implementation Project

Karen Munro discusses within this podcast steps to justify upgrading…