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I have two podcast series: Fix My Project Chaos which features interviews with project management experts from around the world; and Age Defying Careers which focuses on renewing the confidence of women over 40 in the workplace.

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Podcast- The Value of Lifelong Professional Learning, with Mike Clayton

Podcast: The Value of Lifelong Professional Learning, with Mike Clayton

In this episode of the Fix My Project Chaos podcast, Elise Stevens…

Podcast: Embracing change with Paulette Oldfield

EMBRACING CHANGE with Paulette Oldfield Today Paulette Oldfield…

Podcast: Be authentic to build effective relationships

This brilliant podcast series focuses on stakeholder management…

Podcast: Designing your career with Anastasia Dinos

DESIGNING YOUR CAREER with Anastasia Dinos When Anastasia Dinos…

Podcast: Getting into the driver's seat with Raylene Pruess

GETTING INTO THE DRIVER’S SEAT Raylene Pruess has been in…

Podcast: Chasing opportunity with Sue Mills

CHASING OPPORTUNITY Unlike her sister, who walked out of the…

Podcast: Taking risks, with Kanchana Bishop

TAKING RISKS Kanchana Bishop has always been curious about how…

Podcast: Embracing the social sciences, with Elissa Farrow

EMBRACING THE SOCIAL SCIENCES Choosing a path after high school…

Podcast: Breaking down barriers with Chris Lawler

BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS As a high school drop-out, Chris Lawler…

Podcast: Putting egos aside for a common purpose

To celebrate the launch of the Fix My Project Chaos eCourse:…
managing diverse stakeholder groups

Podcast: Managing diverse stakeholder groups

To celebrate the launch of the Fix My Project Chaos eCourse:…

Podcast: Squashing the success myth with Sue Parker

IT'S TIME TO SQUASH THE SUCCESS MYTH Sue Parker knows no victory…