Aimee Bartlett

Aimee Bartlett

Aimee Bartlett


Location: Southampton, UK

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Aimee is an APMP and P3O Certified Practitioner with over 5 years experience working in a Project Management environment. She is an extremely proactive and determined professional, and has demonstrated skills in risk management, stakeholder and communications management, and developing project business cases. Aimee is now looking for new challenges to further develop the skills she has acquired, on the back of the projects she has already successfully delivered.

Why do you enjoy working in the field of project management?

Top reasons why I love being a project manager:
1. No two days are the same – varied daily activities
2. Flexible working life – in the office and remote
3. New challenges – opportunity to work in different sectors/industries
4. Transferable Skills – skills can be applied to other roles

What are your greatest achievements as a Project Manager?

Delivered a new Global Exposure Management Platform, with a budget of ~$3.8m, to Underwriters based across the UK & Offshore. Tool delivered risk mitigation benefits to prevent future Catastrophic loss events to the company.

Why is a career as a Project Manager a great choice for women?

The skills required for being a project manager are within our existing skill set – organisation, multi-tasking, budgeting, assessing risk. Whilst qualifications help, women already have a great number of skills at their disposal to manage a project.

How can women stand out in the field of Project Management?

To stand-out in the field women need to get better at self-promotion, plus the championing of other women. There are some great projects led by women and we just need to shout about it to improve the visibility. This will all help in ensuring the next generation of women know that this a profession that is open to them.

What are some of the challenges women face as Project Managers?

The challenges faced by women as project managers I think are sometimes not being taken seriously, particularly for younger women. Sometimes a women is perceived as having to do more to prove herself as a successful and serious professional compared to male counterparts.

What can we do to help women to be exceptional Project Managers?

Things that will help women be exceptional:
1. Having a network of women (plus men) to promote and champion women are truly exceptional at what they do
2. Promoting the project management profession as a route for women in schools and colleges – opening the eyes to the next generation
3. Ensuring the routes in to project management don’t create barriers to entry – job assessments take into account different styles

Any other comments about Women in Project Management?



To celebrate International Women’s Day for 2018, I will be sharing the profiles and stories of some incredible women who have flourished in their project management careers. May they inspire you and the women around you to kick goals in the world of project management.

Read more about my ‘Celebrating Women in Project Management’ 50-day series here. Starts February 1, 2018.

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