Angelika Collisi Celebrating Women in Project Management

Angelika Collisi Celebrating Women in Project Management

Angelika Collisi


Location: Miltenberg, Germany

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Angelika helps managers and project leaders in IT and Consulting to achieve their personal and project goals. She is the founder and CEO of Pampiloxa GmbH, Manufacturer Projekterfolg – roughly translating to Project Success, custom made. Combining her experience as project manager, psychologist and business analyst, Angelika is an experienced workshop facilitator, trainer, management coach, and speaker. Angelika defines Project Success Management (R) as the art and craft of ensuring that operational excellence meets customer satisfaction. With her focus on clarity and structure, she helps her clients to create productive collaboration across team, department and company borders without the stress of conflict and escalation.

A social psychologist (M.A.) and trained holistic healer as well as a certified trainer, project manager (PMP), and business analyst (CBAP), Angelika also teaches social psychology at Hamburger Fern-Hochschule. Before she started her own company in 2008, Angelika held several positions as Program, Project and Change Manager at TechData Corporation in Europe. Angelika blogs about project management, leadership and x-functional collaboration, and publishes a bi-weekly Project Success Trap of the Week – Beliebte Fallen Ihren Projekterfolg. Check out her profile on LinkedIn, or visit for her Training and Coaching offers.

What is your project management super power?

Clarity. You could also say overview, or focus. I have a talent to see all the various streams and people and issues floating in a holistic pattern, and hone in on the real goal or issue that needs tackling.

How can gender diversity be improved in the project management profession?

– By seeing women’s contributions to project teams, no matter their position or role
– By actively seeking out women for leading roles, be that as project manager, product owner or other
– By using the same measures as in all line management activities: establishing clear ground rules for meeting behavior, teaching Sr. Management (often project sponsors) about female/diverse styles of communication, and gender bias in general
– By actively encouraging women to trust themselves that they can take the lead, take ownership, run the ship/team/project… that’s the one we can all do, directly, now, in our network
– By speaking up and showing our skills, our expertise, and celebrating our successes

As the profession evolves, what skills do you think will be key for future success?

With all the talk about Digitalization, Big Data, AI, Robotics, we will see that the importance of human behaviour and interaction will increase not decline. It all comes down to individuals who interact, and who need to take the lead, often in self-organized team settings. If we want to leverage the freedom we have, we need the skills to negotiate with all the other free individuals, without asking for management to make a decision. Knowing that we will work in various and ever-changing team and stakeholder constellations, I believe that we need:

– Communication skills more than ever (negotiation, relationship building, client communication, conflict resolution, facilitation)
– An understanding of group dynamics and behavioral psychology
– Leadership skills to build a self determined life and career
– Mental and emotional agility in order to be able to switch gears without losing ourselves

How do you recover from difficult situations?

3 c’s: Coffee, Chocolate, and Chat 😉
My favorite coping mechanism is talking about the troubling situation with a trusted friend or colleague. To gain some immediate distance, I usually go for a coffee. If talking it over is not possible, I use writing as an outlet. Either way, during this reflection I usually figure out how I want to proceed.

What are your tips and techniques for conflict resolution?

Whoa, where to start? Assuming a group situation…
A. Determine what it’s all about. Facts? Misinformation? Personal issues? Bad temper due to toothache?
B. Facilitate to bring everyone into alignment on the goal of the discussion/root cause of the issue. Then focus on resolving the issue.
C. If not possible during group session, adjourn the issue and seek 1:1 conversation(s) with the main driver(s) of the conflict
D. Seek remedies for the root cause. Brainstorm, discuss, inform, propose, negotiate, escalate…
E. Go back to the group setting (if that hasn’t happened during D.), and let everyone know about the results of D and the next steps.

Which 3 words best describe why you enjoy being a project manager?

People, challenge, result.




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