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Carolina Hill

Carolina Hill


Location: Brisbane, Australia

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I’m passionate and persistent business and IT project manager with over 14 years’ experience in ICT projects. I thrive in fast-paced and dynamic environments by being a determined individual to find new methods of delivering service to the market.

Specialized in influencing co-workers and project stakeholders working close with them and clarifying objectives in a diplomatic way during changing and transition periods.

Why do you enjoy working in the field of project management?

I love facilitating discussions & engaging w/ people.

What are your greatest achievements as a Project Manager?

It is to see my project team to overcome barriers and deliver it. From a simple document to the end product.

Why is a career as a Project Manager a great choice for women?

Women are resilient and sensitive. These 2 items in my opinion are essential. The first one may us never give up, even when we don’t see any other option. There is always a next day, a next opportunity. The second one allow us to understand complex people situations and to be able approach and engage with them.

How can women stand out in the field of Project Management?

Project Management is about multi tasking, priorization, organization and communication. Women in general have the majority of these soft skills. A woman with all of them will definitely stand out.

What are some of the challenges women face as Project Managers?

I’d like to say the same as men Project Managers, but it is not. There is always someone that will make that sexiest joke, or that will misinterpret the fact you are assertive by something else. These things, we eventually find a way to manage. I think as women we sometimes do not consider ourselves enough qualified to pursue paths that men do it. And for me that is the biggest challenge for women in general and how to overcome this.

What can we do to help women to be exceptional Project Managers?

Trust your instinct. Learn from the bad experiences and difficult situations and share those with other women. Throughout the past few weeks I have been reading the #celebratingwomeninprojectmamagement articles and I have to agree that more social catch ups for women in project management would be a very positive outcome.

Any other comments about Women in Project Management?

Embrace challenges and difficult situations with a smile in your face. Think that this moment will improve your knowledge, your experience and that will contribute for you to be a very good project manager.


To celebrate International Women’s Day for 2018, I will be sharing the profiles and stories of some incredible women who have flourished in their project management careers. May they inspire you and the women around you to kick goals in the world of project management.

Read more about my ‘Celebrating Women in Project Management’ 50-day series here. Starts February 1, 2018.

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