Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton Celebrating-Women-Project-Management

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton Celebrating-Women-Project-Management

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton


Location: London, UK

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Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton is a PMO, Project, Programme and Portfolio specialist with extensive experience in the change management industry and a particular focus on collaboration, PMO conception & strategy, method and capability development.

As the Director of Consulting Services for Wellingtone Project Management, Emma-Ruth is responsible for all services within the PPM DNA ethos; including PMO implementation, project definition, and PMO metrics, training and competency framework.

She is currently chair of the APM’s PMO SIG, an APM Accredited Trainer, and involved in various project management charitable organisations. The PMO SIG aims to provide a collaborative open forum for PMO practitioners, and anyone with an interest in the role of PMOs, to get together, share ideas, offer support and advice to the PMO community, and to create valuable practice-oriented knowledge, which helps drive the PMO profession forward.

Why do you enjoy working in the field of project management?

I love finding out organisations PPM DNA.

What are your greatest achievements as a Project Manager?

As a PMO specialist my largest corporate PMO started as a local UK office, I was able to lead it to become a European entity and finally Global. It was a great and rewarding role!

I am proud to have been involved in driving the PMO industry forward through activities with the Association for Project Management, IPMA, and in my current role.

Why is a career as a Project Manager a great choice for women?

I find women are natural learners and I have found Project Management offers a degree of flexibility – you can follow your interests and your passion without the need to ‘change career’.

How can women stand out in the field of Project Management?

If you choose Project Management and give it your all – in the day to day , the way you interact with communities and the industry, it will give back in spades. And whilst the perception out there is that it is still a ‘man’s game’, you will be able to stand up and be counted.

What are some of the challenges women face as Project Managers?

Personally I haven’t felt that being a woman in Project Management has made my journey particularly challenging, but I understand that some in particular fields do have trouble feeling accepted. I create my own fate, and my own challenges by continuously evolving.

What can we do to help women to be exceptional Project Managers?

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘you’re a woman so your journey will be tougher’ attitude. In this world now, where PjMgrs dont need to be specialists so much, there is no room for it. If you work for it, show your passion and dedication through helping others on their journey, then you will be inspirational.

Any other comments about Women in Project Management?

My mantra is from a book I read many years ago: “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and something amazing will happen”. So, whatever it is you do ladies; you rock! Get out there and share your talents.


To celebrate International Women’s Day for 2018, I will be sharing the profiles and stories of some incredible women who have flourished in their project management careers. May they inspire you and the women around you to kick goals in the world of project management.

Read more about my ‘Celebrating Women in Project Management’ 50-day series here. Starts February 1, 2018.

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