Jeane W Mathenge Celebrating Women in Project Management

Jeane W Mathenge Celebrating Women in Project Management

Jeane W Mathenge


Location: Kenya, Africa

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Jeane has over 20 years experience in program and project management as a practitioner, consultant, facilitator and trainer in the USA, Canada, Kenya and the wider East Africa and South Sudan region. She has worked across multiple sectors which include technology, health, insurance, financial, hospitality, logistics and construction. Jeane is known for being fiercely passionate about projects and a champion for institutionalizing project management as a best practice discipline. She started her career working in a highly projectized environment with a fortune 500 company in Bloomington IL; this inspired her project certifications in PMP, Prince2 and PMD PRO for development (NGO) projects, and ongoing Doctor of Philosophy studies in Project Management. Jeane is currently serving as Vice President Education & Professional Development, PMI Kenya Chapter.

As a Project Management Champion, Jeane has been a keynote speaker and panelist on several topics in local, national and international forums including PMI, Big Five Construct Kenya 2018 and 2019, and the Association of Medical Councils of Africa (AMCOA). Jeane is a mentor in Women in Africa Initiative (Deloitte), the first international platform dedicated to the economic development and support of leading and high potential African women. As a judge in the Global Action and Impact network (GAIN) Impact Challenge, Jeane supports growth of active youth leader leaders and changemakers to deliver meaningful impact in local communities. To advance the practice and growth of project management in Kenya, Jeane pioneered the first Mentorship forum in Project Management to mentor young, upcoming and working project practitioners hosted bi-monthly by her firm Global Protocol Solutions. The firm through its work, demonstrates the application and value of effectively applied project management practices in various sectors including construction development projects, I.C.T implementations, and corporate business change projects. Jeane’s research interests are in strategic project management, governance and institutionalization of operative project practices in Kenya based on value realization of benefit outcomes.

What is your project management super power?

Anticipating the clients needs on the project by keeping one step ahead of the client, it helps us plan and mobilize in advance to achieve strong results. The clients very easily see the value in our service.

How can gender diversity be improved in the project management profession?

  1. By promoting female gender diversity and workplace inclusiveness
  2. Actively enrich the project management work through female perspectives that add sensitivity and erase stereotype perceptions
  3. Promote women networking forums where women can share, grow and learn and boost their confidence to take their rightful place as competent professional project leaders

As the profession evolves, what skills do you think will be key for future success?

Wisdom and insight! Conflict resolution, problem solving.

How do you recover from difficult situations?

By reflecting on the situation, the role I played and how I can learn from it. Pick up and move on with the new lessons.

What are your tips and techniques for conflict resolution?

Take a step back so as to remove my subjective perspectives. Apply objectivity by looking at the facts. Apply wisdom by seeking a win win even when there is no winner.

Which 3 words best describe why you enjoy being a project manager?

Passion. Outcomes. Impact.




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