Jeanne Barry Celebrating Women in Project Management

Jeanne Barry Celebrating Women in Project Management

Jeanne Barry


Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Jeanne is a seasoned Project Manager with 20+ years experience in the IT field with PMP, CSM, and MBA credentials. She has worked mainly on multi-million-dollar infrastructure and information/cyber security projects and programs with a smattering of Development/SCRUM PM projects under her belt. She’s also worked as a Business Analyst and QA Test Lead, giving her a well-rounded background in the IT field.

Before joining RGP (a former division of Deloitte and Touche) in 2017 as an IT Project Management consultant, she worked in the banking industry for 18 years, mainly on Information Security projects. Her PMO background is also vast as she helped with creating PMOs in highly successful organizations, namely for KeyBank and Data Management, Inc. She’s currently one of the PMs managing an acquisition project as well as wrapping up a PCI Program for a large client in Scottsdale who obtained their PCI AOC (Payment Card Industry Attestation of Compliance).

In her spare time, Jeanne is a semi-professional singer performing in an acoustic duo here in the Valley of the Sun, as well as volunteering at Feed My Starving Children in Mesa (one of her most favorite charitable organizations). She loves to travel – especially to San Diego and Sedona). She attends holistic events around town and enjoys working on her new house. As a Reiki Master, she also offers energy work clearings and healings to balance and harmonize herself and those around her.

What I enjoy most about being a project manager is:

I really get a charge out of completing IT projects to the total satisfaction of the stakeholders. Working with my team in a fast-paced environment is what I thrive on. I was recently told by a QSA Lead from a well-known company that I am, “….by far one of the most prepared and well-organized project/program managers I have encountered.” That makes all the hard work and dedication of a job well-done that much more rewarding. In addition, I love helping others, especially when mentoring up-and-coming PMs. That always puts a smile on my face.

The three most important skills I use to successfully deliver projects are:

Communication skills (written and spoke), Organization Skills, & Relationship (relating) skills (pepper in some Good ol’ Common Sense too)

I build and nurture my professional network by:

Following the guiding principles of T.R.A.I.L (Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, and Leadership) that I learned when I worked at KeyBank. This acronym has been my motto for over 20 years and it has just as much meaning to me now more than ever.

At the start of my career, the one thing I wish I had known is:

How important having a P.M.P. would be. I earned those three little letters after my name quite a bit late in my career. I wish I would have gone for it sooner, but hindsight is 20/20. I’m just glad I earned it when I did. It’s a difficult exam, but with hard work and diligence, it’s achievable. In addition, I wish I would have gone into IT consulting work much sooner than I have.

Women who have inspired me so far in my career journey are:

Many women at KeyBank holding leadership positions have inspired me to be the PM I am today. Those women who come to mind are Deb Reddish, Amy Brady, & Beth Mooney. These women exemplify leadership, whether it be a female or male leading the charge. I fully trust their judgement and am very honored and proud to have worked for them (either directly or indirectly) in my career.

The most valuable advice I have ever been given is:

“One time does not a pattern make.” In other words, look for patterns (two or more instances) when receiving feedback, especially from Retrospective (lessons learned) surveys at the end of project.

My advice for women on finding success as a project manager is:

Empathy! One truly needs to walk in another person’s shoes in order to understand where the project is heading. We all have lives we’re living and it’s important to understand that if someone is having a bad day, it’s not because of you, it’s because of what he/she is going through. Work is a fraction of who we are as humans and we must remember that as we interact with each other. At the end of the day, it’s not how many projects you’ve closed, it’s the quality of the relationships you’ve built along the way.


Hello amazing women of the project management world!

My observation after two decades of working in the project management industry is that our voices as women are simply not heard enough online in articles, podcasts, and across social media channels. Let’s change that!

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